As consumer technology and mobility evolves, consumers are in greater control of their shopping experience at every stage of the shopping journey.  Today’s Connected Consumers are increasingly using their always-on devices as they shop with greater control than in any other time in the world of retailing. This will only increase with the internet-of-things, wearables, the digital wallet and a continued and increasing reliance on social media which, as a sharing platform, is as determinate of a retailer’s performance as anything the retailer can do itself.

Consumers are now empowered to find products more easily, shop across channels, and influence their peers.  Retailers must think like their consumers and learn how to serve the consumer at every stage of their shopping journey.  In order to compete, it is essential for retailers to deliver a shopping experience that is easy, seamless and satisfying for their customers.

Great people make a great in-store experience. Intranet, associate, and store portals are an integral component to enabling associates to collaborate, communicate, and have streamlined access to the tools and information needed to do their jobs effectively, and ultimately serve our client’s customers.

Strategy DevelopmentOperational ExcellenceInformation Management

With the consumer in the driver’s seat, retailers need to connect with them on many levels, in any manner and at any time, to serve their needs and to stay competitive.  Perficient can help you:

  • Deliver a blend of experience design, marketing, commerce, and analytics to redefine how they innovate, engage and grow.
  • Directly engage consumers by improving your digital marketing and store experiences.
  • Support the backbone of consumer-driven business with smarter supply chain management, operations and analytics solutions.
  • Bring leading industry thinking to our clients through ideation, blueprinting and roadmapping solutions with practical business outcomes.
  • Help leverage information to move from reporting and insights to predictive analytics, and ultimately personalization, to operate a peak efficiency
  • With core technology expertise to support the customer experience with data integration, and information management platforms.