In this video, learn how Perficient client Volkswagen Group of America optimized its business through digital transformation using the Liferay platform.


In the highly competitive global automotive marketplace, both manufacturers and retailers strive to increase sales, improve operational efficiency, and provide customer satisfaction. At the same time, automobiles are no longer solely a means of transportation – they have become a home away from home with integrated communications, navigation and entertainment systems.

Furthermore, today’s connected consumer is a savvier buyer than ever, conducting research on your company and your products, reading reviews on websites and social media, and often making a decision on whether to buy from you or from a competitor with the touch of a finger. If you’re a retailer, you must proactively reach out to both prospective and loyal customers to meet them with the right message, at the right time, and in the right place.
Perficient’s tailored solutions provide new and enhanced capabilities to the automotive industry, providing technology to support the automotive lifecycle from creation to marketing to sale.

  • Improve efficiency, effectiveness and knowledge across the business
  • Create portal and mobile solutions to support and facilitate new and used sales, track inventory, connect with financial services institutions, and more
  • Provide integration of mobile communications and entertainment devices
  • User experience testing for optimal usability of Internet and other applications
  • Enhance customer relations through tailored CRM solutions