Enterprise Health Information Exchange

As a result of healthcare reform and the passage of the American Recovery and Reimbursement Act (ARRA), healthcare systems and state and local government agencies are being confronted with how to exchange health information to those who can impact the delivery of care while empowering those who receive that care. As a result, stimulus dollars are currently being provided to incent healthcare organizations to store and exchange clinical information via a digital electronic health information highway. Whether you are a state or local government, public health organization or a healthcare system, the exchange of clinical information will be critical to meet both regulatory and business viability in the future.

The pressure of reducing reimbursements, aligning more effectively with the affiliated physicians and being relevant to the patient population are just a few of the challenges. In addition, with the advent of healthcare reform, the potential changing reimbursement models and the emerging Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are creating an environment where clinical and cost information are needed to empower and engage those that are part of your overall healthcare system delivery model.

State and Local Health Information Exchange

If you are a state or local government agency, you need to recognize how a Health Information Exchange (HIE) can be an important part of establishing partnerships with the citizens and healthcare systems within your geographic area. In addition, empowering the public health agencies in a particular area can help drive more effective disease management programs and the associated healthcare services to those target areas for most effective results. By establishing such an environment, a state or local government can obtain federal stimulus dollars over the next three to five years and establish an environment to protect against the impending reimbursement reductions to those healthcare providers who do not have such a public exchange network.

Enterprise Health Information Exchange (Enterprise HIE)

The development and deployment of an Enterprise HIE eco-system is one approach innovative healthcare systems are deploying to enable them to connect the consumers and physicians together in a more collaborative environment. The important thing to note is that the Enterprise HIE is an over arching eco-system that contains many features and functions that may not all be necessary or utilized in the initial implementation. This enables an integrated long-term vision that will empower and enable healthcare systems to improve the quality of the delivery of care, visibility into the cost of care and a movement towards better targeted healthcare services around specific disease state management services.

Perficient has developed an Enterprise HIE eco-system to bring all of the above parties together and empower them to get high quality outcomes along with a more cost effective delivery model. By providing an eco-system that will allow your health system to leverage existing solutions while establishing additional services, will enable your healthcare system to be more viable while creating better services and relationships within the community that is served.