Skype for Business

Skype for Business is how the world will stay connected in a BYOD, post-PC world.

Skype for BusinessSkype for Business has the power to bring people together, and can play a bigger role in helping organizations improve communications to all stakeholders. Skype for Business combines voice, instant messaging, audio, video, and web conferencing into a richer, more simplified solution for organizations looking to transform their business communications into more collaborative and engaging interactions. Companies that implement Skype for Business technology and integrate it with their current applications have the power to enhance professional communications and are better positioned to handle this new era of conducting business.

The consumerization of IT and the advent of employees’ bringing their own devices (BYOD) to work are rapidly changing the way enterprise organizations conduct business both internally and with customers and channel partners. In addition, organizations are experiencing a rise in telecommuting and disparate workforces, as a result. When combined, these forces make enterprise communications increasingly difficult, and at a time when consistent and open communication is critical to business success.

Why Perficient


  • Perficient named a Skype for Business Launch Partner for new meetings and voice services in Office 365
  • Communication Gold Certified
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Master 
  • Managed Services Support for Skype for Business
  • Full team of Skype for Business Certified Consultants



  • Integrations with Cisco, Avaya, Siemens, Nortel, Shoretel
  • Hundreds of thousands of Lync seats deployed
  • Dozens of PBX Integrations
  • Extensive Voice and PBX Knowledge
  • Thought leaders 


Customer Experience

  • Global Manufacturer Lync / Cisco Integration
  • Global Electrical Supply Lync / Cisco & Avaya Integration
  • Major Pharmaceutical Firm Cisco and Centrex Integration with Microsoft UC
  • Global Food Company Avaya Integration with Microsoft UC
  • Multi-National Property Management Firm Avaya/Nortel Integration with Microsoft UC
  • Biotech Firm Global Lync PBX Replacement / Cisco Integration
  • Engineering Services Firm NEC PBX replacement with Lync
  • National Food Bank Lync PBX Replacement
  • Pharmaceutical Advertiser Lync PBX Replacement / Avaya Integration
  • Civil Engineering Firm Lync / Cisco Integration and Replacement
  • On-line Ad AgencyLync  / Cisco Integration
  • National Accounting Firm Shoretel / Lync Integration
  • National Accounting and Consulting Group Cisco / Lync Integration


Our Services

  • Rapid ROI. Spend some time with our Skype team and determine if Skype for Business could be saving you money on telephony and conferencing. Contact us to see if you qualify for a free 1 day assessment.
  • Get started with Skype for Business today. Enable 250 users for voice, video, IM/Presence, conferencing & desktop sharing.
  • Already use OCS or Lync? Upgrade to Skype for Business. Perficient will plan and design your upgrade from OCS 2007, OCS 2007 R2, Lync 2010, or Lync 2013.


Why Skype for Business

Meeting the Challenges of Communications in the Modern World

Throughout the past several years, enterprise communications have changed in three major ways: speed, modality, and location. We expect and need communication to be instant these days. We want several different modalities (voice, video, e-mail, messaging) to get a hold of someone. And physical location has become irrelevant, thanks to the Internet. The challenge this brings to enterprises is to make sure there is still good communication. More, faster, and everywhere doesn’t necessarily make the communication better.

Skype for Business is the only application that brings all communications together in a single, simple way for users. With other solutions you find that you need a new username/password and a different application for everything: phone, instant messaging, audio conferencing, web conferencing are all separate silos.

Skype & Facebook have made voice, video, and messaging commonplace for people at home. Now people want the same types of tools when they come to work. Five years ago you couldn’t get a lawyer or nurse to make a phone call from their PC. Now they are asking to do video chats with their mobile phones because the technology is pervasive and they already know the huge benefit of face-to-face communications provides at home – now they want it at work. Skype for Business is the modern workplace communication hub that does this for organizations.

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