Information Management and Big Data

Big Data is an inflection point when it comes to information technologies. It is the new normal. And this new normal information management paradigm requires companies to build and deliver robust Big Data platforms comprised of cutting-edge data exploration, visualization, and analytics capabilities. Many solution delivery partners are talking about this paradigm shift, but only a few like Perficient have delivered!

Perficient helps companies imagine the possibilities in the Big Data realm, envision a novel way to gain insight into vast amounts of their untapped unstructured data, and meet their analytics challenges by developing a platform that provides a complete end-to-end BI solution. Our partnerships with IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft allow us to bring the best Big Data platforms and solutions to our customers.

Our Information Management services lay down the information architecture for Business Intelligence:

  • Business Intelligence Discovery Workshop: This workshop provides an environment for Perficient to work collaboratively with you to better understand you business and technical requirements while simultaneously sharing our experience and insight on products, methods and best practices gleaned from solving similar challenges faced by other organizations. The goal of these sessions is to gain a common understanding of the business needs and problems and to gather information that will support a high-level project scope and provide a work effort estimate. The workshop also allows all participating areas to gain a better understanding of the depth and breadth of any changes to the current business processes and technical environment.

  • Business Intelligence Foundation Program:  A Business Intelligence foundation is more than technology – it is the technologies, tools and strategies that allow for the comprehensive management of an organization’s business information assets necessary for informed decision making, wherever that information exists. While BI provides significant advantages, true business value may only be achieved if the technology directly addresses your business needs. This is where the BI Foundation helps. Perficient provides strategic business consulting in parallel with the technology installation in order to ensure you have all the “foundational” components in place to make your program a success.

  • Building Data Repositories, Big Data Platforms and Information Integration for Information Delivery:

    • Data hub for supporting publish and subscribe data services for the enterprise
    • Data warehouse for analysis of trends and patterns over time and across business units
    • Operational Data Store (ODS) for time-sensitive cross-functional operational data needs
    • Data mart for application-specific analyses against a subset of data from other repositories
    • Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)-based integration services to create the information architecture
    • Master Data Management (MDM) services


  • Information Delivery (Front-End) Services:

    • Reporting and Business Analytics: Deliver powerful business analysis that scrutinizes your corporation’s business activities and then present analyzed data in an efficient and self-serving manner to facilitate faster decision making.
    • Dashboards: Provide deep and broad insight-establishing models of business performance evaluation that balances a wide range of measures of your organization’s financial performance, internal operations, innovation, and customer satisfaction.
    • Data Mining: Provides a proactive process of sifting through large amounts of data to uncover patterns and predict trends.
    • Data Visualizations: Turn data into visual representations yielding recognizable patterns that make it easier to draw meaningful conclusions.