Advanced Logging and Analysis for SOA, Social, Cloud and Big Data

The complexity of distributed systems and the enormous growth of data has strained IT's ability to maintain reliable systems as high-profile system glitches become more commonplace. We are experiencing financial market errors costing hundreds of millions of dollars, billing errors in the millions for credit cards and utilities, high-profile system outages, successful security attacks, and loss of private data on a massive scale. Meanwhile, systems are becoming more complex and the data just keeps coming in.

During this webinar, Perficient experts examined techniques, frameworks and products to log and analyze complex systems and events. Discussions included:

  • Logging and exception management as service within your SOA
  • Frameworks for event and transaction monitoring
  • Event sense and response techniques
  • Highly scalable logging product
  • Logging in the context of business transaction and events

We also looked at ways to more effectively monitor systems and events to:

  • Improve system availability
  • Develop best practices for event and transaction monitoring
  • Handle Big Data
  • Provide end-user visibility to distributed transactions
  • Analyze events and logs from disparate systems

Presented: October 31, 2012

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