The Business Imperative of the 21st Century

Digital transformation is the realignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to effectively engage customers at every touch point in the customer experience life cycle, according to Altimeter. It cuts across many different areas in business – collaboration platforms, eCommerce, business intelligence, mobile and cloud, to name a few. It is a journey that impacts every area of the organization from vision and strategy to architecture, technology, operations, and culture.

Business success in the digital age requires new technologies, new strategies and a new psychology that embraces both. The reason: customer experience today constitutes a life cycle, not just a single interaction. More than ever, you must expand customer engagement throughout that life cycle, from consideration of a product to its purchase to the maintenance of loyalty around that product. And you must do all of this in ways certain to create memorable, inviting experiences that keep customers coming back.

Challenges Facing Digital Transformation

Companies that delay or ignore digital transformation risk becoming irrelevant. Yet even those that are committed to change encounter these four distinct challenges:

  • Rising Consumer Expectations: Companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and others with comparable performance are redefining service, speed, and ease of use.
  • Continual Connectivity: The adoption of digital channels has driven demand for choice and connectedness.
  • Organizational Velocity Wins: Technology lowers barriers to entry and increases speed; slow responses and lack of agility invite disruption.
  • An Abundance of Consumer Data: Competency is essential to turning complex data into actionable business insight.


Expertise for Every Stage of the Digital Transformation Journey

We modernize the systems that create, deliver and sustain meaningful customer experiences, and ensure that you’re attuned to the most digitally savvy customers across the enterprise. Let us help you on your digital transformation journey by:

  • Making the business case for digital transformation
  • Aligning executive vision with business and technology roles
  • Understanding where you are on your journey
  • Crafting a vision that works for your company
  • Defining customer experience strategy and goals
  • Uncovering and managing technology gaps
  • Combining tactical projects with the digital transformation strategic vision


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