30% of Mobile Shoppers Will Abandon a Transaction If the Experience Is Not Optimized for Mobile

That’s revenue no company can afford to miss out on. Because today’s always-connected consumers have embraced mobile, businesses must also – but do so with a sense of direction and purpose.

Regardless of your industry or company size, a mobile-optimized website or enterprise mobile application strategy has become integral to surviving – let alone succeeding – in the marketplace.

Mobile is transforming the way businesses enable their workforces, acquire new customers and extend offers, and how they service and communicate with existing customers. Mobile technology untethers us from our desks, our offices, and our homes. Businesses and customers rely on it so much that more than one-third of all Internet users access the web primarily through mobile devices.

What are you doing about mobile? We can help you design, build, and deploy mobile sites and software to enhance your market presence and grow revenue. We’re your partner throughout the entire mobile lifecycle, from strategy through user experience design, application testing, and roll-out.

Which Device Is the Right One?

The number of mobile and tablet devices on the market is staggering. Factor in the number of operating systems running those devices, and the number of device/OS combinations required to test your mobile applications can quickly become overwhelming. To address this, we created the QA Center Mobile Lab, where we apply our mobile quality assurance expertise and testing methodology to help you identify which devices make the most sense to test your applications on, thereby ensuring a positive experience for your end user. And unlike other testing service providers, our Mobile Lab uses only actual devices – not simulators – to create a true user experience.

Designed Just for You

Perficient has deep custom development experience. Whether you’re looking to create a mobile site using HTML5 or a native app for iPhone, Android, or Windows Mobile, we have the capabilities to develop your mobile solution.

Why We’re Your Best Bet

Our history of successful mobile work from wireless value-added solutions (SIP, IMS, SMS, MMS) through the robust applications and mobile sites we build and deploy makes us the smart choice for all of your mobility needs. We offer integrated mobile CRM, mobile field service, mobile retail execution, mobile enterprise content, tablet analytics and more.

The Opportunities Are Endless

Mobile enterprise application platforms (MEAP and MCAP) like IBM Worklight, Kony, SAP Mobile Platform, and Antenna present an exciting opportunity. The ability to write once and deploy anywhere makes platforms the right choice for enterprises looking to support multiple devices or integrate to a number of back-end systems. The potential customer retention benefit for companies that create compelling mobile interactions is substantial.