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We bring more than just implementation expertise to our clients. We deliver insight, perspective, and true vision and leadership that enables our clients to stay ahead of their competition.

Our Chief Strategists are experts who help our teams flawlessly deliver impactful solutions for the long-term.

Among their many achievements:

  • Leading a digital transformation effort at one of the world’s largest retailers
  • Creating an award-winning Center of Excellence for artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Being one of the first 250 in the world to receive the Certified Change Management Practitioner (CCMP) designation

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"When people leave our meetings, they don’t leave with just a quote or an estimate. They leave with insight, and they value the conversation because they know more than they did coming in."

—Mike Rabbior, Chief Strategist, Commerce

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David Chapman Discusses 5 Common Change Management Mistakes

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What’s Next in Supply Chain? Bob Vanek Explores Trends

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Juliet Silver Explores How Visualization Tools Put Data to Work

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VIDEO: Christine Livingston Discusses How to Leverage Cognitive Analytics

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How to Make Digital Transformation Gains in 2019

Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, digital transformation isn’t something you can achieve in a year or two. The process takes time, and more and more business leaders are taking practical approaches to their journey rather than trying to boil the ocean.

In our e-book and companion audiobook, our team of 10 Chief Strategists share their advice on sustaining digital momentum in 2019 and building a foundation for future success. Their real-world examples and key takeaways come from conversations with some of the world’s largest brands that are at various stages of digital transformation.

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See Our Chief Strategists In the News

Demand Gen Report features Chief Strategist Mike Rabbior in B2B Personalization Strategies Pivoting As Buyers Require Confidence, Consensus

 Mike Rabbior, Chief Strategist for Commerce, contributed to Demand Gen Report discussing why companies are using personalization strategies to ease buying decisions for their customers.



eMarketer Features Two Perficient Chief Strategists in AI Best Practices Report

Christine Livingston, Chief Strategist, AI, and Jim Hertzfeld, Chief Strategist, Digital, contributed to eMarketer's Getting Smart About Artificial Intelligence: Five Best Practices for Diving in.


AI Business Interviews Perficient Chief Strategist Christine Livingston on Building Seamless Customer Experiences

Christine Livingston, Chief Strategist, AI, recently did a Q&A for AI Business in which she discusses key obstacles to implementing AI technology and how to overcome them.

AI Business Story

CIO Cites Perficient Chief Strategist Eric Roch on Multi-Cloud Strategy

CIO reached out to key influencers to discuss considerations around building a solid cloud strategy. Eric Roch, Chief Strategist, IT Modernization & Integration, shared a list of ways the cloud can be challenging – and how it can be a win.

CIO Story

eMarketer Taps Perficient Chief Strategist Jim Hertzfeld for Marketing Data Report

Jim Hertzfeld, Chief Strategist, Digital, weighed in on the benefits of applying marketing data to influence not only marketing and sales efforts, but also strategies and planning throughout the enterprise, including in merchandising and inventory decisions.



Society of Digital Agencies Taps Perficient Chief Strategist Jim Hertzfeld’s Expertise for 2018 SoDA Report

Jim Hertzfeld, Chief Strategist over Digital, shared insights on combining planning with Design Thinking to remain nimble in an age where technology and customer expectations are changing more and more rapidly.

2018 SoDA Report


eMarketer’s AI Best Practices Report Features Two Perficient Chief Strategists

eMarketer recently outlined five AI best practices for marketing and technology professionals in its recent report, Getting Smart About Artificial Intelligence. Perficient Chief Strategists Christine Livingston, AI, and Jim Hertzfeld, Digital, weighed in on the topic for the report, which combines insights and recommendations from experts across the industry with quantitative data eMarketer has gathered on the subject of AI.