Portals and Collaboration

Empower Your Team and Your Customers

SharePoint makes it easier for people to work together. We are passionate about developing highly-functional, collaborative websites, intranets, and extranet portals on SharePoint that are easy to use and enhance collaboration.

Insightful and Targeted Dashboards and Reports

Applicable performance reporting improves the speed at which you can adjusts strategies and tactics to drive better future performance.

With SharePoint's strong security model, reports and dashboards can be targeted to specific user groups and roles. Similarly, specific reports can be targeted to external constituents on the extranet while employees have access to a much broader set of reports on the intranet.

Our database experts have deep experience with both transactional report architecture as well as multidimensional analytical processing solutions.

Content Just Waiting to Be Found

Who's that knocking, and what are they looking for? Does it align with the kind of content you're indexing in an accessible way that can also be refined?

Combining our SharePoint and FAST search expertise with user experience consulting, we get at the heart of the issue. We work with you to design an optimized and effective search experience by understanding needs, auditing content, and designing the appropriate taxonomy. We look beyond the traditional and intuitive query-response model of search fields and keywords to develop search-based applications. The impact for you is in efficiency and information management.

Intranet and Extranet Portals

SharePoint can power your intranet, extranet, and website and apply the appropriate security at each level. In addition, SharePoint is extensible through robust customization and seamless integration with back-end enterprise platforms such as accounting systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Intranet solutions improve knowledge acceleration and sharing, provide robust document management, streamline business workflow, foster corporate culture, and provide dashboards and reports for performance measurement. Extranets can provide "self-service" functions to external users which reduce administrative burdens and increase the satisfaction of the outside constituents.

Best-in-Class User Experience and Branding

Creating a winning user experience involves much more than visual design. Other critical aspects include:

  • Branding: The incorporation of brand elements and adherence to style guide parameters
  • Interface design: Design of the user interface elements to facilitate user interaction with website functionality
  • Information Architecture: The structural design of the information space
  • Navigation Design: The interface elements that facilitate the user's movement through the information architecture
  • Interaction Design: The design and development of functional flows that facilitate user tasks

Deploy SharePoint and take full control over your website experience.

Bring Your SharePoint Intranet to Life

Intranet portals, once the home of the cafeteria menu and holiday schedule, have become hives buzzing with employee participation and engagement through the use of social tools. An intranet can be an organic source of knowledge and know-how.

Each business has a different sweet spot when it comes to creating an engaging social environment that drives collaboration and meaningful dialogue. We work closely with your team to tailor a strategy that will define your business needs, plan for the organizational change necessary to embrace social technology, ensure a smooth implementation, and arm your employees with the knowledge and training to be successful.