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Wall Street Journal

Reaching the Digital Reader

The largest newspaper in the United States by circulation, The Wall Street Journal is a leading source of business and financial news.

Ads for a New Age

When tasked by one of the world’s leading sources for business news and cultural events to revamp its digital advertising, we knew our methodology needed to be sleek, straightforward, and approachable.

To execute this project, we needed to get inside the mind of the typical Journal reader to understand the kinds of messages he or she might instinctively react positively to. What images might and get them to click through? Additionally, a conversational tone and human elements can bring a touch of familiarity and personality to a product that is, quite literally, black and white.

The Wall Street Journal successfully adopted a look and feel for digital ads that fully aligns with its newest marketing and design efforts.

Crafting the Right Message

To align with the rest of The Wall Street Journal’s new creative design efforts, we crafted a simple, compelling tagline – “Always On. Always On Hand” – to depict the promise the newspaper delivers to its readers: no matter which device you choose to read on, you will always get the news you need. From there, we knew that this message could easily fit into more specific areas within the site, from stocks and finance to the latest breaking tech news.

We coupled this messaging with the image of a hand that would catch the eye of a typical Wall Street Journal reader. Whether scrolling through an article on a mobile device or tablet or flipping through the actual pages of the paper, hands are vital to The Wall Street Journal experience.

We finished our rich media banner by showing the wide array of devices a user can access the paper on, anytime, anywhere. This speaks to the exclusive accessibility and unlimited perspective users are given when they sign up for a Wall Street Journal subscription – whether they get it via their phone, tablet, or at their doorstep..


Delivering the Means to Succeed 

With our help, The Wall Street Journal successfully adopted a look and feel for digital ads that fully aligns with its newest marketing and design efforts. We also generated big ideas that can transform into more contextual, targeted messaging units. Finally, the client is able to reach potential subscribers with messaging promoting the benefits of a full-access pass to the paper across all digital platforms.

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