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Appian Sentient Solution for Automation 

Improve Omnichannel Customer Experience with Appian

Streamlining processes and delivering superior customer satisfaction depend on how you interact with orders, invoices, applications, complaints, and service requests received across multiple channels. Serving customers across multiple channels present many challenges, including disparate data sources, manual processing times, compliance, decreased customer satisfaction, and the potential for unfulfilled revenue.

Appian Sentient Solution for Automation 

We help simplify and minimize expensive manual business operations processes through low-code applications built on Appian. Our Appian Sentient Automation solution helps you improve omnichannel customer interactions through automated responses, intelligent routing and track decisioning, sentiment analysis, content and entity extraction, case management, real-time monitoring, and an extensible framework. Pre-built templates and drag-and-drop functionality give you the power to build applications with advanced automation functionality previously only available to experienced developers.

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