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Forrester Report: Customer-Centered Messaging Helps Boost B2B Revenues By Motivating Buyer Action

Source: Forrester
October 24, 2019

In the report, Liz Drazen, Perficient’s director of content and communications, explains the impact of customer-led messaging: “When our sellers lead with outcomes, it helps them have higher-level conversations. It makes them shift from driving ‘whatever’ business to driving the ‘correct’ business.” The report includes a complete checklist to assess your message’s customer centricity to ensure messaging that delivers maximum impact.

Forrester Report: The New Commerce Revolution Q3 2019

Source: Forrester
August 13, 2019

Perficient Digital is listed as a contributor to Forrester’s report on how API-based architecture is defining headless commerce and ways it can reduce friction. Perficient Digital works with companies across multiple industries to help achieve headless commerce through deployment of complex integrations between back- and front-end systems in a variety of formats, so platforms can seamlessly interact without limiting capabilities on either side.

Hype Cycle for the Digital Workplace Q3 2019

Source: Gartner
July 23, 2019

Gartner’s Hype Cycle for the Digital Workplace 2019 recognizes Perficient as a vendor for Intranet as a Service. IaaS vendors facilitate configuration, customization and management to align with customers’ digital workplace initiatives. The digital workplace is a business strategy, of which an intranet is a part. The report helps application leaders understand how work will evolve over the next decade.

Market Guide for Natural Language Generation Platforms Q2 2019

Source: Gartner
June 27, 2019

Perficient is included as a key application development and maintenance partner in Gartner’s Market Guide for Natural Language Generation Platforms under the representative vendor listing for Automated Insights. The report helps application leaders improve operations and user experiences by using NLG applications.

Gartner Toolkit: Vendor Identification for Oracle Application Services Q2 2019

Source: Gartner
April 29, 2019

Perficient is one of 51 service providers featured for its Oracle application assessment, implementation and management services capabilities. The Gartner Toolkit highlights Perficient’s key differentiators as multi-pillar (ERP, EPM and BI), 15 Oracle specializations, Cloud Select and CEI status in the Oracle Partner Network, our Oracle Education Center in Houston, our managed services offering called SupportNet and more.

Forrester Wave: Specialist API Strategy and Delivery Service Providers Q2 2019

Source: Forrester
April 22, 2019

Forrester cited Perficient as a Strong Performer and one of “the seven providers that matter most.” The report notes Perficient’s well-rounded services ad identified API program strategy, our design-build accelerators, and API managed operations as our key strengths, along with a strong focus and specialization across many industry verticals, including healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, retail, consumer products, energy, and utilities.

Forrester Now Tech: Application Modernization and Migration Services Q1 2019

Source: Forrester
March 29, 2019

Forrester included Perficient in its report highlighting 42 providers based on modernization and migration segment capabilities and revenue. The report names Perficient within the systems integrators (SI) and global systems integrators (GSI) category. SI’s and GSI’s like Perficient score three out of three for their abilities in app portfolio analysis, app modernization execution, private cloud migration execution, automated code analysis, legacy re-architecting, new app development, cloud-native development and app retirement.

Forrester Report: B2B Marketing Agencies North America Q1 2019

Source: Forrester
February 8, 2019

Perficient Digital was featured in Forrester’s report of 39 North American service providers serving B2B marketers, segmented into three categories based on revenue from B2B-specifc marketing services. Perficient Digital was included as a “large, established player” in the market. The report is intended to help CMOs understand the value partnering with a leading B2B marketing agency can provide by showcasing “the most important and relevant players” and their individual capabilities.

eMarketer Report: Getting Smart about Artificial Intelligence Q1 2019

Source: eMarketer
January 31, 2019

Two of Perficient’s leading subject-matter experts weighed in on the topic of Artificial Intelligence for the report, which combines insights and recommendations from experts across the industry with quantitative data eMarketer has gathered on the subject of AI. Christine Livingston, Perficient’s AI Chief Strategist and director of the AI Center of Excellence, explained the importance of approaching AI initiatives with realistic timelines and expectations. Jim Hertzfeld, Digital Chief Strategist and principal of Perficient Digital’s Strategy and Innovation team, agreed with the need for an iterative approach.

Forrester Wave: Digital Process Automation Service Providers Q3 2018

Source: Forrester
September 21, 2018

Forrester lists Perficient as a Strong Performer and “one of the 11 providers that matter most.” The report notes Perficient’s ability to develop long-term relationships with clients and our high client retention rate. Through our long-term relationships, we build in-depth solutions for partners that elevate process automation initiatives to a level critical to digital transformation strategy as a whole.