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Data Security & Privacy

A-LIGN ISO 27001 Certified

We Take Our Responsibility to Safeguard Data Seriously

Best practices in data security are constantly evolving in response to new cyber threats, technologies, and global regulations. Perficient approaches data security with a continuous improvement mindset and regularly validates its programs and controls using internal resources and external auditors.

Perficient maintains a global ISO27001:2022 certification, an international standard for information security management systems (ISMS).  The ISO27001:2022 certification required an extensive global audit by a third-party auditor which confirmed that the systems Perficient uses to manage risks related to the security of its systems, as well as the data it owns and/or processes, respects all the best practices and principles contained in this International Standard.

ISO Certification Details:

Auditor: A-Lign ISO27001:2022 Certificate Number: ISMS-PE-101123
Issued: 10/11/2023 Expires: 10/11/2026

Perficient’s data security program combines a robust set of organizational controls such as policies and procedures, with industry standard technical controls including:

  • Hardened Network Security with state-of-the-art Firewalls, email Spam filters, and email link inspection, which are all tested regularly during 3rd party internal and external penetration testing and vulnerability scanning
  • Managed User Privileges that have strong password requirements, restricted and controlled administration credentials, and a multi-factor authentication program
  • Detailed Systems Log Monitoring of firewalls and other system gateways that incorporate Intrusion Prevention and Incident Detection
  • User Education and Awareness that annually addresses data security and global privacy, as well as the organization’s policies and procedures
  • Secure Configurations of VPN connections to  internal systems as well as full laptop encryption for our colleagues’ devices
  • Malware Prevention Software on every Perficient device that is patched routinely as new releases become available

Questions about Perficient’s data security program can be directed to

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Privacy Matters to Perficient

Perficient knows that a one size fits all approach to privacy does not work. Our privacy team works closely with colleagues across the organization from HR to Marketing to the consultants providing our client services every day. This collaborative approach helps ensure that privacy is considered every time we store or process personal data – whether that data belongs to our clients, colleagues, candidates for employment, or third parties.

Perficient also knows that maintaining the privacy of individuals’ personal data is not enough.  We support the exercise of individuals’ rights in their personal data by explaining what data is collected, how it is used, under what circumstances this data may be shared with third parties, and how to exercise these rights in clear, accessible language.

Additional information about Perficient’s privacy practices and guidance on how to exercise your rights is available at

Questions about Perficient’s data privacy program can be directed to