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Human Rights Statement

Employment Practices and Values

Perficient takes very seriously the health, well-being, and ethical treatment of its colleagues and endeavors to lead by example with Employee Resource Groups, career development programs, collaborations with communities and nonprofits, Growth for Everyone initiatives, and other programs and policies.

In addition to ensuring that Perficient colleagues have substantial opportunities for career and personal growth and development, all new hires receive extensive training and testing regarding the impact and prevention of discrimination, harassment, bullying, coercive behavior and other unethical practices. Such training and testing are also ongoing annual requirements for all Perficient colleagues, and Perficient’s Employee Handbook, Code of Conduct, and Ethics and Financial Code of Ethics are all available on Perficient’s internal company portal.

In addition, Perficient leaders and managers receive annual training on proper interviewing, hiring practices, and workforce engagement practices, and Perficient’s Human Resources and Legal departments maintain an open-door policy for leaders and managers to approach and collaborate with HR/Legal department members regarding challenging situations, dynamics, and personalities in a manner that complies with Perficient’s commitment to human rights and individual dignity.

Supply Chain

Perficient utilizes a small number of suppliers, including computer hardware providers, independent consultants, and providers of software and software-related services, and believes that the risk of these suppliers engaging in forced or compulsory labor, debt bondage, child labor, human trafficking or domestic servitude is relatively low.  Perficient requires all of its suppliers to contractually agree to comply with all laws and regulations that are applicable to such supplier’s performance under the agreement with Perficient, including the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

In addition to such supply chain contractual obligations and restrictions, Perficient is in the process of:

i. including specific human rights and Modern Slavery Act 2015 representations and commitments in the contracts between Perficient and new suppliers.

ii. reaffirming all existing suppliers’ commitments to the same.

iii. planning to institute and perform compliance audit activities with respect to Perficient’s suppliers’ compliance with the Modern Slavery Act and other related contractual representations and obligations.


As part of its commitment to human rights and understanding the issues facing its colleagues, Perficient provides a reporting platform that allows colleagues to anonymously report any ethical violations, human rights abuses, inequitable treatment, discrimination, and any other form of concerning behavior or decisions. Colleagues are encouraged to utilize this reporting platform via phone or online and have the option of providing direct contact information or remaining anonymous. Regardless of whether the colleague reports anonymously or identifies themselves, the colleague is still able receive further feedback and questions and provide more information.

Perficient’s internal colleague portal makes Perficient’s Complaint and Reporting Procedures policy available to all colleagues and contains a direct link to the anonymous reporting platform. In addition, colleagues are provided information regarding the reporting platform in multiple sections of the Perficient Employee Handbook and through other periodic company-wide communications.

All reports filed on Perficient’s reporting platform are reviewed and investigated by Perficient’s Human Resources department, the Legal department, and members of Perficient leadership as applicable, and all such matters, including the investigative process and resolution, are reported to Perficient’s officers and directors. Perficient does not tolerate retaliation in any form with respect to reports made by employees using the reporting platform.

This statement is issued by Perficient, Inc. on behalf of itself and its subsidiaries pursuant to Section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Paul E. Martin
Chief Financial Officer