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Data and Information Travel Fast, Our Strategies Can Help You Keep Pace


The travel and leisure industry is constantly changing as new opportunities and technologies enable more people to quickly and easily visit more places. To succeed in this highly competitive industry, travel businesses are responding by embracing digital technology that gives your customers more choices and helps you collect and analyze better information.


Putting Your Customers in the Driver’s Seat

Today’s consumers are flocking to social networks to plan their travel, relying on recommendations from friends and other travelers to influence their decisions and ignoring traditional advertising. From dreaming to research and from booking to arrival and return visit, successful travel and hospitality organizations optimize convenience at every turn, in every channel and on every device. And, since almost half of your travelers start planning a trip without a brand in mind, you need to take your marketing beyond the traditional destination focus and support your customer’s entire travel experience.

Because customers discover travel opportunities, recommendations and even caveats on social networks, travel and hospitality companies must also monitor and respond to consumer activity in these important channels. If you don’t participate in the conversations and respond to negative comments, you risk losing customers and your brand value.


Traveling Through the Cloud Improves Every Stop in Your Customer’s Journey

In the last few years, many of the major global hotel groups and travel companies have started to move to leading cloud solutions to replace and enhance their existing reservation system, customer loyalty programs, inventory management processes, casino operations and more. Adoption and use of a cloud solution enables a more efficient distribution of computing services, lower infrastructure costs, and built-in tools for cross-application connectivity.

When the most valuable consumer information originates outside the company walls in social conversations, a cloud-based CRM system enables you to manage your business better, faster, and more cost effectively. Simply put, a CRM that provides social engagement capabilities is necessary for the success in today’s travel and leisure industry.

Cloud Computing Solutions

The benefits of moving to cloud services are too powerful to ignore:

  • On-demand computing resources that can rapidly scale up or down as needed
  • Paying only for the computing resources you use
  • Drastically reducing infrastructure and capital costs
  • Quick implementation and automatic upgrading of applications
  • Alleviating the pressure and demands on your internal IT resources
  • Achieving security levels comparable to premise-based or private network solutions

But the most important reason is your customers. A cloud solution helps you listen, engage and respond to them in the channels they use.

Customer Relationship Strategies

The connected consumer is pushing all customer facing industries, including travel and hospitality, to be more innovative and attentive to their personal needs. Leading brands are quick to market with creative ideas; personalized and profitable; and consistently relevant. Our strategy development services blend technical expertise, in-depth analysis, and thought leadership to quickly assess your market readiness, identify opportunities and develop an actionable roadmap.

Information Management and Insight

Travel and leisure organizations rely on data and information to provide insight into their customers’ needs and wants. But the amount of data and number of information sources is increasing exponentially, successful companies quickly and accurately make actionable sense out of the data they receive. Our expertise in the retail and service industries enables you to gather and leverage big data to build stronger relationships with your customers and partners. We work with you to develop actionable insight that optimizes your marketing dollars, vendor relationships, and sales growth.

Effective Experience Design

Your customers are in charge. More dynamic, savvy, and socially connected than ever, they are turning the tables and telling you what they want. We are obsessed with website usability, which we evaluate with direct user website and analytics to ensure we deliver engaging, intuitive solutions paired with visually compelling design. And, because our design and technology teams are collaborative and closely aligned, we partner with you to provide an end-to-end solution that satisfies your unique needs while infusing user experience expertise into everything we do.