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Healthcare organizations must conquer mountains of data, increasing regulations, and escalating consumer expectations. The digital interactions happening beyond your industry shape patients’ and members’ expectations.

That’s why your digital presence matters, so you can offer services to meet their needs wherever they are.

We stitch together strategy, data, and technology to streamline your internal processes that improve quality of care for in-person and virtual experiences.

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We have extensive healthcare experience. In fact, healthcare is the biggest vertical we serve with clients spanning providers, plans, and health solution companies. We support many of the largest health organizations in the US:

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Juliet Silver leads our Health Sciences Strategy team and applies her expertise to help our clients develop and implement healthcare and technology strategies.

Her notable achievements include leading a global medical technology manufacturer to create go-to-market, platform, and architecture strategies for its intelligent and connected medical devices. She’s advised Northwestern Medicine on enabling its Value Based Care program. And, she consulted BayCare Health System, with support from our IBM Watson Team, on using AI to improve care for high-risk patients.

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