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Life Sciences - Clinical Safety
Clinical and Safety Technology Solutions 

Advance Science Through Clinical and Safety Solutions

Whether hosted in our compliant cloud or on premises, we have extensive experience in the implementation and integration of the most widely used and highly sought-after clinical and pharmacovigilance software applications. We help you to select, implement, integrate, use, and maintain a variety of systems. We can also efficiently and cost-effectively assist with software licensing, migrations, and upgrades.

Your systems will be up and running quickly by partnering with us. Faster time to value, lower and predictable costs, and a better fit for your business – you’ll achieve this and more with the help of our services and industry tools.

Reliable, Consistent, and Compliant Clinical Data Management

Your organization depends on systems to collect and manage clinical data in a reliable, consistent, and regulatory-compliant manner. With more companies competing to develop drugs, devices, and therapies, there’s more demand for effective, cost-efficient clinical data management and electronic data capture (EDC) solutions.

Our team is specialized in implementing and integrating clinical data management solutions. With our help, you can design and run complex clinical trials more efficiently.

Effective Clinical Trials and Improved Insight With Clinical Data Warehousing and Analytics

By building an environment to analyze and report clinical data from multiple sources, you can more effectively conduct clinical trials and improve scientific insight.

We design and implement these data environments and work with you to build systematic approaches to integration, data analytics, and data reporting. We also work with you to launch and execute successful projects and achieve a high return on investment.

If your long-term goal is to increase operational efficiency, reduce risk through improved patient safety monitoring, and prepare more targeted development plans, our stepwise approach can help you reach your goal with minimal risk.

Improve Data Visibility and Decision-Making With Clinical Trial Operations

Clinical trial management systems (CTMS) serve as a central repository of clinical trial data, providing greater visibility into real-time site and study statuses. With this critical information at your fingertips, you’re empowered to make more informed decisions.

Our clinical trial operations team has deep expertise in implementing and integrating the leading CTMS. We’ve developed accelerators that significantly reduce implementation costs and timeframes to make these solutions more even more useful and attainable. These accelerators include robust capabilities that facilitate more effective and efficient clinical trial processes.

Bring Life-Saving Treatments to Market Safely and Effectively

Proving the safety and efficacy of a drug, device, or therapy is critical. The process of bringing a breakthrough product to market involves many parties – patients, doctors, government, corporations, and clinical research institutions.

As the number of resources involved in the development process increases, you’ll find that reporting and analyzing data becomes more complicated. If you’re in this situation, then you may consider investing in pharmacovigilance applications to combat the complexity of safety and risk management.

We offer consulting, implementation, integration, upgrade, migration, and cloud hosting services for the most widely used and recognized drug safety, pharmacovigilance, risk, and signal management systems.

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