Life Sciences

Compliant Cloud

A Regulatory-Compliant Technology Infrastructure Exclusive to Life Sciences


Installing and maintaining clinical, safety, and other business systems can be complex and expensive if your organization does not have the right resources and infrastructure in place. The cost-effectiveness of cloud hosting means it is no longer necessary for life sciences companies to endure the challenges associated with the implementation and maintenance of complex application solutions using their own scarce resources.
Our cloud hosting services provide the confidence that comes with knowing your clinical trials and business operations are running seamlessly in a regulatory-compliant, secure, and powerful data center. We have been hosting applications for life sciences companies since 2002 and possess a thorough understanding of what is required to make sure you have access to your data at all times, regardless of where you are located in the world. Our team understands these applications are critical to your fundamental business needs.
Hosting applications in a compliant cloud requires sophisticated technology and specific knowledge of the systems, which is why we use the most advanced hardware and software on the market to maintain security and reliability. We continuously manage these technologies to ensure optimal performance and cater to future application implementations, integrations, and migrations.