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Technical Considerations for Clinical Study Migrations

December 7, 2017
Richard Gavan

There are a variety of essential technical considerations that should be evaluated when migrating clinical studies from one database to another. Does the incoming data need to be “merged” into an existing database? What if the source application has been customized? What obstacles can be expected? Where does regulatory compliance come into the picture?

In this on-demand webinar, Richard Gavan, a solutions architect in our life sciences practice, discusses several case studies that provide insight into the:

  • Steps followed during a study migration process, from a technical perspective
  • Technical considerations for migrating into an empty database or a database that already contains data – and how to decide between the two
  • Actions needed to preserve the integrity of clinical audit trails
  • Difficulties and opportunities presented by existing customizations
  • Pitfalls and challenges that may be encountered
  • Lessons learned