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Amazon Connect: 4 Steps to Transforming Your Customer Contact Center

February 27, 2018
Dora Hodanic
Michael Greenlee
Amazon’s customer contact center handles millions of requests every day using technology that enables them to consistently provide world-class customer service. And now you can leverage that same technology to transform your own contact center with Amazon Connect! Your customers demand a great experience and a high level of service – and you can give it to them with only minutes of set up.


Amazon Connect is a cloud-based contact center service that simplifies the delivery of exceptional customer service by offering a quick, scalable deployment, easy integrations with many CRM and ticketing systems, and simple navigation and usability.


Learn more about Amazon Connect in our on-demand webinar, including:

  • Taking advantage of key features
  • Designing a personalized experience for your callers
  • How to take Amazon Connect beyond the classic contact center
  • How to manage risk related to implementation and adoption