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Digital Disruption in Distribution and Manufacturing: How to Be a B2B Leader

March 6, 2018
John Ambrose
Gregg Sampson
Digital technology is quickly changing the rules of engagement for B2B companies in the manufacturing and distribution sectors. The convergence of data, content, intelligent devices, and artificial intelligence creates an opportunity for established companies to redefine themselves and become industry leaders. But many are missing this opportunity.

Forward-thinking companies in this transformation will make decisions by considering the overall market, moving quickly, and managing cross-functional change within the organization. The uncommitted will only consider their technology options and suffer from sub-par results…or do nothing at all.

We discussed:

  • How to identify where you are in your digital journey
  • How to apply “fast follower” principles and a proven framework to accelerate change
  • Best practices and lessons learned by B2B organizations that have successfully achieved a higher level of digital maturity