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Driving Strong 2020 Holiday Season Results: How Marketers Can Prepare and Adapt

September 16, 2020
Eric Enge
Jim Hertzfeld

The world is quite a different place than it was six months ago, and with the 2020 holiday season fast approaching, the pressure is on to meet revenue goals in what’s been an uncertain year.

In August, we surveyed 154 marketing executives to find out what they think is likely to happen this holiday season and how they are preparing for it. The results are fascinating, and we’ve distilled them into clear actions you can take right now to adapt and prepare for a very different 2020 holiday season.

In this webinar, Eric Enge (Principal, Digital Marketing at Perficient) and Jim Hertzfeld (Chief Strategist, Digital at Perficient) discussed:

  • How marketers have already adapted and where they see the most opportunity moving forward
  • What will be different this holiday season and how to adjust your strategy accordingly
  • Ways to identify and meet changing customer expectations, wants, and needs
  • How to determine if your priorities or investments should change
  • What actions you can take right now to be successful