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Transforming Pharmacovigilance Workflows with AI & Automation

September 15, 2020
Kari Blaho-Owens, Ph.D.
Prabha Ranganathan
Christine Livingston

Medical information call centers have an opportunity to transform the way they capture, code, and analyze adverse events (AEs) and product quality complaints (PQCs) with artificial intelligence (AI) and automation.

The use of such innovative technology improves data quality and consistency, compliance, and operational efficiency. It helps reduce the frequency of your pharmacovigilance (PV) operations resources going home, saying, “I have more to do at the end of the day than I did when I started."

Our one-hour, on-demand webinar shows you how you can use AI and automation to turbo-charge your end-to-end PV system. Use cases and demonstrations will include:

  • Analyzing safety data
  • Auto-coding verbatim terms to official medical dictionary terms
  • Auto-creating an AE case in your database
  • Converting speech to text