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Five Strategies for Driving Data Agility, Quality, and Governance

March 23, 2021
David Stodder
Bill Busch
Michael Destein

With legacy systems, organizations often have to make a choice: agility and easier data access or inflexible systems that enforce quality and governance? Fortunately, technologies and practices are evolving.

In this on-demand webinar, we join our partner Talend and David Stodder, Sr. Director of Research for BI at TDWI, to discuss how to enhance data agility and user empowerment on top of a scalable, governed, and integrated data platform capable of meeting priorities for data quality and governance.

Speakers discuss how to support business-critical initiatives and offer examples of how to create agile data flows for analytics, AI/ML, and BI applications. We will discuss best practices for establishing governed, trusted, and integrated data resources.

Discussion includes:

  • Trends enabling modern data lakehouses that take advantage of the cloud to integrate data warehousing and data lakes
  • How to improve data quality and governance to support key business initiatives
  • People and process strategies for governance and regulatory requirements
  • How to increase scale, flexibility, and speed of data access for data engineering

Data strategies for agility, quality, and governance to support all workloads, from BI to advanced analytics and AI/ML