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Oracle Cloud EDM: Defined. Discussed. Demonstrated.

July 14, 2021
Steve Bogner
Swetha Bindu Kota

Efficient management of master data, dimensions, hierarchies, and the chart of accounts is an age-old challenge. Historically, it has entailed time-consuming, resource-intensive initiatives to improve the processes and tools used to manage these data elements. The result is often clunky tools, cumbersome processes, and costly implementations.

Oracle Cloud Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is an agile, modern, and end-user-focused solution to help organizations address data governance challenges while avoiding pitfalls. Watch and learn more about the critical role of Oracle Cloud EDM in your digital transformation journey.

Discussion includes:

  • What EDM can do
  • Why organizations need EDM
  • Who EDM helps in data governance processes
  • Where EDM is succeeding
  • How EDM’s features work