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The Top 5 Oracle Cloud Solutions for Finance Transformation

February 24, 2021
Matt Makowsky
Priyakant Rami
Myles Gilsenan
Matt Hopkins
Steven Bricker

To prepare for the challenges of tomorrow, it is imperative that modern finance leaders are equipped with the knowledge and tools to make informed and sound strategic decisions.

Oracle Cloud provides a complete, connected, intelligent, best-in-class solution to analyze various data sets and deliver the key insights needed to drive your business forward.

Learn how Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud, Enterprise Performance Management Cloud, and Oracle Analytics Cloud provide the solutions you need to the challenges you face today.

Watch this session you will learn how to use Oracle Cloud to:

  • Align critical systems by entity, customer, or product to report and produce financial results 
  • Leverage driver-based planning, zero-based budgeting, and predictive analytics to quickly develop, manage, and publish strategic, financial, and operational plans
  • Provide a faster, more accurate, and transparent close and consolidations process
  • Enable integrated, cross-subject area analytics will drill-down capability across the entire organization