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A Year of Firsts- Ecommerce Takes on New Users, New Trends, and New Consumer Expectations

February 23, 2022
Tory Brunker
Justin Racine
Andrea Montero

Ecommerce is pivotal in closing the gap between human need and consumer demand. From food and clothing to prescriptions and detergent, consumers have developed new buying habits, tendencies, and preferences — ones that are here to stay.

Now is the time for merchants and retailers to embrace the shift (or suffer the consequences). Without a scalable online presence equipped to deliver personalized and seamless customer experiences, merchants will fail to thrive in today's competitive, digital-first environment.

Watch the on-demand webinar where experts discuss:

  • How to take advantage of this shift to propel your brand forward
  • Best practices for growing your eCommerce strategy and digital storefront
  • How transformative solutions can drive personalization across the customer journey
  • How to identify legitimate new customers from fraudsters to avoid declining profit margins