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WMS + OMS: Maximize ROI & Win Customers for Life

June 27, 2023
Craig Moore
Eric Schwartz
Justin Racine

The rise of customer expectations, whether consumer or B2B, continues to force businesses to reassess systems and transform their approaches to exceed customer expectations. These pressures are driving businesses towards a holistic commerce approach, expanding beyond ecommerce.

To achieve this, supply chain systems play a vital role in ensuring visibility, orchestrating fulfillment, and executing strategies that deliver on customer promises while maximizing Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment (GMROI). There are no two systems more mission-critical to this than Order & Warehouse Management Systems – and synchronizing the two is the key to driving supply chain excellence.

Experts from Körber Supply Chain, Perficient, and Bricz explore how combining a WMS and OMS helps you increase margin, improve ROI, and capitalize on operational efficiencies – all while maximizing the return on your inventory investment and driving your customer satisfaction numbers – as we strive to orchestrate the perfect order, every time.