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beyond the buzzword b2b

Build Long-Lasting Buyer Loyalty Through Experience-Driven Commerce

Supportive B2B buyers are a direct result of the efforts your business puts into providing a seamless and personalized customer experience. Not only do buyers expect B2C-like buying experiences by way of elevated personalization and self-service, but they also need a reason to choose your company as a vendor over your competitors. Continuously enhancing your relationships with buyers is what makes a difference between simply retaining customers and turning those buyers into loyal advocates.

In this session, you’ll hear from Perficient experts around the key capabilities, technologies, and considerations for taking an experience-driven commerce approach to establishing buyer retention, loyalty, and advocacy. You’ll learn:

  • The importance of continuous understanding of Voice of Employee (VOE) and Voice of Customer (VOC)
  • How to use analytics, KPIs, and data to create stronger relationships with your buyers
  • Understanding the meaning of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and how to continuously measure and maintain it

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