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beyond the buzzword b2b

Provide World-Class Buyer Support With Experience-Driven Commerce

Understanding how to support your customers at every stage of the buying journey directly affects the relationship you have with them. In B2B, where your customers are often buyers with accounts who consistently do business with your company, post-purchase support is crucial and often more complex than at a retail company. Supporting your customers through experience-driven customer service can keep you one step ahead of tending to your relationship with the buyer and their evolving needs.

In this session, you’ll hear from Perficient experts around the key capabilities, technologies, and considerations for taking an experience-driven commerce approach to post-purchase support and service in B2B. You’ll learn:

  • What customer services mean to B2B buyers and how to evolve an experience-driven service culture
  • What is the “Art of the Possible” in B2B customer service?
  • Why integrating cross-channel data into your approach is essential to outstanding customer service
  • How to create suitable B2B self-service options by using AI and data to make decisions

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