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Beyond the Buzzword B2C

Increasing B2C Awareness with Experience-Driven Commerce 

If you were to launch your business today, how would you bring awareness to your brand? Would you know what approach to take to gain attention from the right customers? It’s important to understand how connected commerce experiences impacts customer perception and how to identify opportunities to drive brand-aligned awareness in the early stages of the customer journey.

In this session, you’ll hear from Perficient experts around the key capabilities and considerations in taking an experience-driven commerce approach at the awareness stage of the customer journey. You’ll learn:

  • What does experience-driven commerce look like at the awareness stage?
  • What is the right omnichannel marketing mix today?
  • Why customer journeys are key to identifying awareness opportunities
  • How to prepare for first-party data-only scenarios
  • How using a “mobile by design” strategy is key in acquiring modern consumers

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