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 Beyond the Buzzword B2C

Provide World-Class Customer Service with Experience-Driven Commerce

Customer service is no longer just a call center. Omnichannel, personalized customer service is the key to shaping customer expectations and retention, but how can your brand take it a step further as customer expectations and demands continue to evolve? Your commitment to your customers and their needs doesn’t end after checkout; extending excellent commerce experiences post-purchase is what will turn a satisfied customer into a loyal customer.

In this session, you’ll hear from Perficient experts around the key capabilities, technologies, and considerations for taking an experience-driven commerce approach to post-purchase support and service. You'll learn:

  • What “white glove service” means to consumers and how an experience-driven service culture evolves
  • Who are the leaders and laggards in omnichannel customer service?
  • Why a cross-channel data integration strategy is key to transformational customer service
  • How to use AI to enable better self-service options

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