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Ten Steps to Maintain Traffic and Retain Customers During a Website Redesign

If you’re planning a website launch or redesign, having a digital marketing strategy is key to maintaining traffic and conversions on your new site. Our 10-step method takes a holistic approach that looks at acquisition, engagement, and retention techniques to ensure a successful launch.

  1. Establish goals + KPIs
  2. Maintain search engine visibility
  3. Increase SEO results
  4. Ensure visitors are engaging with your content
  5. Validate new user interfaces
  6. Deliver the optimal UX + increase conversions
  7. Use a data-driven approach to customer-centric web design
  8. Drive visitors to your site and create buzz
  9. Track digital campaigns to measure success
  10. Extend your online presence across social media

Download the guide below for actionable tips on completing each step, best practices for addressing common challenges, and recommendations on how you can make the smartest and most cost-effective decisions.

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