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How Organizational Change Management Boosts Adoption of Office 365

There’s a lot to consider when implementing Office 365 – be it one application or the entire suite. Often, the last thing organizations think about is the impact on the users and how to get their buy-in and engagement. It’s that user engagement, and ultimately adoption, that allows true value and return on investment (ROI) to be achieved.

Numerous data points over the last 10 years indicate that almost 70% of all change projects fail to meet their objectives. The cause of these failures is not usually poor or failing technology. Rather, it is the lack of user adoption. That’s why change management is essential.

Office 365 implementations touch a large number of employees, if not the entire organization. These projects are too big to fail. The content in this guide is designed to provide key considerations, specifically around elements that will impact users, which can help drive increased end-user adoption for a more successful Office 365 implementation.

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