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Executives Guide to Middleware Modernization-Cover

An Executive's Guide to Middleware Modernization

While undeniably rich in benefits, cloud-native development can also come with complexities, including applications that are deployed across different infrastructures to multiple tools, the need for multiple languages, pressure to develop in less time at a lower cost, and more. Organizations are increasingly turning to cloud-native middleware as a way to manage these complexities and keep application development quick and cost-effective.

Legacy middleware platforms weren’t built to address the needs of modern, hybrid IT environments, but more modernized middleware can support application environments that work smoothly and consistently across a highly distributed platform.

This guide takes a closer look at middleware modernization, including:

  • What middleware is and what it does
  • The benefits of upgrading middleware
  • Tools to help you modernize middleware
  • Common use cases for modern middleware development
  • Modernizing with Red Hat Middleware
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