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how to fuel dealer success in manufacturing cover

How to Fuel Dealer Success in Manufacturing

Dealers, partners, distributors, and resellers are the ones closing deals with your customers. It’s no small challenge to create a seamless experience between your brand and the ones who stand behind it. Discover trends in partner engagement and best practices to drive loyalty and performance across your partner network.

Look inside to discover key components of Partner Relationship Management (PRM), including:

  • 3 secrets to driving partner engagement
  • 4 ways to improve your partner program management
  • Why your partner scorecard may be underperforming
  • 4 keys to effective partner marketing
  • Maximizing your market development funds
  • 5 roadblocks in your buyers journey
  • How to drive top-line growth with better PRM technology
  • Q&A with the author, Eric Dukart, our National Sales Executive
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