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How to Modernize Patient Engagement - Guide Cover woman working in Healthcare

How to Modernize Patient Engagement

Patient acquisition and personalized engagement are increasingly critical initiatives within healthcare organizations. In a recent study commissioned from BWG, the shift was clear: 68% of respondents viewed personalization and patient acquisition as a high priority, up from 21% pre-pandemic.

To support these initiatives, organizations are navigating CRM, AI/ML capabilities, and modern data analytics tools.

Our new research study reveals key insights from 101 healthcare technology and marketing leaders, including:

  • Challenges and opportunities in identifying target patients and personalizing marketing content for more personalized outreach
  • Plans to use AI/ML capabilities for patient acquisition and/or personalization
  • Pros and cons of using more than one CRM platform
  • The top milestones on healthcare executives’ technology and organizational 2022 roadmaps
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