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what if? So What?

What If You Could Measure Everything That Matters? An Interview With Neil Hoyne. 

In this episode, Jim talks with Neil Hoyne, Chief Measurement Strategist at Google, about his new book, Converted: The Data-Driven Way to Win Customers’ Hearts. Neal offers excellent advice about simplicity, a lean approach to measurement, what to do with the data you already have, and knowing your customer.

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Guest Profile

Neil Hoyne

Neil is the Chief Measurement Strategist at Google, Senior Fellow at Wharton, Author at Penguin Random House. He has served as an analyst, researcher, inventor, lecturer, and, in his words, the father of many forgettable slides of glossy funnels and Venn diagrams. A witness to and participant in billion-dollar successes, and instructive failures, all in the pursuit of building indestructible customer relationships through digital media. A key player in the executive rallying cry to be more “data-driven.”

Special thanks to our Perficient colleagues JD Norman and Rick Bauer for providing the music for today’s show.