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Digital Blue Waves
What if? So what?

What If Digital Business Is Business As Usual?

In this episode, Jim and Kim kick off Season 4 of the podcast, discussing what it means to be a digital business, why some digital transformation initiatives didn’t pan out as intended, what we know now that we didn’t then, and some persisting and emerging challenges in transitioning from "transformation" to "evolution" as usual.

Connect with our hosts Jim Hertzfeld, Principal and Chief Strategist for Perficient, and Kim Williams-Czopek, Director of Digital Strategy at Perficient.

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Meet the Hosts

Jim Hertzfeld

Jim Hertzfeld is Principal and Chief Digital Strategist for Perficient. He works with clients to convert market insights into real-world digital products and customer experiences that actually grow their business.

Kim Williams-Czopek

Kim Williams-Czopek is a Director of Digital Strategy at Perficient. She works with clients to devise digital experience strategies and how to translate strategies to tactics. She specializes in digital commerce, digital product development, user research and testing strategies, and digital responsibility.


Special thanks to our Perficient colleagues JD Norman and Rick Bauer for providing the music for today’s show.