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YouTube Marketing Resources

by Eric Enge on March 10, 2020
YouTube Marketing Resources

YouTube represents an incredibly large marketing opportunity for publishers of all kinds. The principal reasons for this include:

  • It’s a very large search engine. Many people refer to it as the world’s second-largest search engine, though the data to support that claim is more than eight years old, and it predates Yahoo selecting Bing as its search engine in 2009. Regardless, of whether it’s number two, or even number three, it’s still big.
  • YouTube videos can rank quite well in the Google search results.
  • YouTube video descriptions can even be selected by Google as a featured snippet.

Endless Opportunities with YouTube

Perficient has put together a series of articles that helps define the nature of the opportunities available on YouTube, and how you can use them to strengthen your digital marketing program:

What these studies all show is that the opportunity for visibility via YouTube is substantial. Learning how to do YouTube SEO, learning how to perform SEO to help YouTube videos rank in Google, and how to get featured snippets to rank for them, all represent large opportunities for your business.

A common concern that many have is that getting someone to watch your video on YouTube is not as good as getting them on your web site. But, bear in mind that if people aren’t watching your video on YouTube, they’re watching someone else’s video there. The demand for video content exists, and the only question is, do you want to let your competitor to serve that need, or do you want to be the one to do it?

For many businesses, YouTube represents a critical opportunity for building their brand, reputation, and visibility online. If you want to investigate these opportunities further, please visit the articles linked above to learn more about YouTube, and how it can help your business prosper.

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