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Performance Intelligence 

A Perficient Strategic Position

Gain Deeper Insight Into Future Performance With Performance Intelligence 

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Carlos Fox
Director of Innovation and Strategy, Perficient

What Is Performance Intelligence?

Performance intelligence is a predictive modeling approach that extends traditional financial data sets to gain deeper insights into future performance.

Without performance intelligence solutions, predicting future performance is limited to constrained data sets.

Businesses need insights into future performance to avoid stagnation or failure. Fortunately, emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) allow for predictive modeling in innovative ways. Performance intelligence solutions enable organizations to leverage AI, ML, and business intelligence to extend the capabilities of corporate performance management.

Diagram of how performance intelligence works.

These solutions identify patterns that drive performance to enable the predictability and optimization of the sales mix, customer behavior, and profitability outcomes. Performance intelligence also enhances predictive capabilities by expanding CPM data sets.

Performance intelligence’s core solution remains CPM, while AI utilizes data to surface new business insights. Finally, business intelligence capabilities present the information visually and meaningfully, allowing for informed decision making.

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