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Amplify the Value of Design

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Keith Wolf
Director, Digital Strategy Consulting, Perficient

What Is DesignOps?

DesignOps is the operational management of designers and the optimization of design processes to maximize the value and impact of outcomes at scale. Its main purpose is to refocus the time and efforts of the design team to drive more efficient, collaborative, and human-centric solutions.

Brands that seamlessly unite experiences across channels will gain the praise of consumers. Good design achieves this with purpose and clarity, giving consumers experiences that surprise and delight.

The seismic shift in consumer expectations has brands re-thinking their approach to modern customer experiences. And with these new approaches comes a desire to move quickly and iteratively, building on the agile philosophies made popular by DevOps.

While the benefits of DevOps are clear, it does not translate outside of the software delivery model. For this reason, the intrinsic value of design is often deprioritized, resulting in missed opportunity and lost momentum for the business.

The role of DesignOps is to activate, amplify, and prioritize the value of design across the organization. This begins with developing efficient approaches and methodologies that align with new ways of working, promote cross-disciplinary collaboration, and consistently deliver exceptional human-centric experiences.

A side profile of a statue of a woman A side profile of a statue of a woman

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