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Data Operating Models

A Perficient Strategic Position

Stop Trying to Build a Platform to Implement a Philosophy

Eric Walk
Director, Perficient

What Is a Data Operating Model?

A data operating model is a set of principles and philosophies that define the processes, roles, governance, and technology infrastructure related to building a fully operationalized, data-driven organization.

Business ownership of data is critical to adoption.

Adopting a strong digital-first operating model is key to ongoing success for organizations of all sizes. However, applying those principles to the management and consumption of data isn't one size fits all.

Empowering employees to use data in decision making, to experiment, or to test outcomes requires a specific philosophical approach to architecture and control. A federated governance model based on a collection of standard patterns and a strong business domain model is key.

Data mesh is a problematic term often used to describe a possible solution because its nature implies that you can simply implement a platform to solve organizational operating model needs. The best approach is to focus on developing a best-fit operating model for your organization-one that is aligned to your corporate culture and is fully integrated with business and IT.

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