Optimize Digital Marketing Success with Your Site Launch or Redesign

Optimize Digital Marketing Success with Your Site Launch or Redesign

Designing a new website, launching international sites, or even starting from scratch in the digital space, are all common challenges facing our customers. Often, budgets are spent crafting the ideal user experience without much attention to maintaining traffic and retaining customers after the project goes live. We covered our best practices for addressing these common challenges and showed you how to look like a rock star within months after launch. The digital marketing ecosystem is complex with many factors impacting site speed, search engine optimization (SEO), paid search effectiveness, advertising, and conversion rates. We broke down these factors with a 9-step approach to digital marketing success through a redesign that enables you to make the smartest and most cost-effective decisions.

  1. Establish goals and KPIs that will guide your digital tracking strategy
  2. Maintain search engine visibility
  3. Increase SEO results quickly in the months following launch
  4. Ensure past visitors and qualified new customers are engaging with your site’s content
  5. Validate new user interfaces to help reach your website goals and avoid negative results
  6. Deliver the optimal user experience and increase conversions
  7. Use a data-driven approach to customer-centric web design
  8. Track digital campaigns accurately to measure success
  9. Extend your online presence across social media to drive loyalty and increase engagement

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