Optimization Testing & Personalization

A Proven Approach to Increasing Engagement

Our experts know how to help you create personalized solutions for your customers and maximize customer interactions in real-time.  Adobe Target makes it easy to identify your best content through A/B or multivariate testing, ensuring that you are delivering the right experience to the right customer.

Adobe Target

We use Adobe Target to help you identify your best content through A/B or multivariate testing, so you can deliver the right information and experience to the right person. Through automated personalization, mobile app optimization and a recommendation engine, you maximize customer interactions in near real-time.

Adobe Target projects are based on the personalization strategy and goals outlined during our digital marketing assessment. Then, our experts will not only deliver a solution based on this industry-leading personalization and testing tool, but also create and manage audience segments, and develop strategies for testing and personalization.

Optimization Testing

Marketers are well aware that “content is king” when it comes to converting casual browsers into prospects, and ultimately into buyers. You need high-quality, personalized and optimized content that is easy for prospects to find. Equally as important is the ability to test your message by building and targeting audience profiles that support your content distribution and personalization strategy.

User-Centric Approach

Our team fully supports the implementation and will help you:

  • Build audience profiles across channels
  • Understand your audience by combining data sources in one place
  • Discover and organize market segmentation for targeting and personalization
  • Make ad campaigns more effective by targeting your specific audience segments