Data-Driven Customer Experiences

We are a Premier DataStax partner, working to deliver exceptional cloud-based data solutions that inform and enable digital transformation across the enterprise. Our robust customer experience solutions leverage the highly adaptive, responsive, and scalable DataStax platform. These solutions include:

  • Customer 360 – A single, contextual view of the customer in real time for a seamless experience across all touchpoints.
  • Real-time Personalization – Enhanced customer engagement by leveraging insights from unique interaction data to provide a tailored experience.

DataStax, a provider of distributed database software, accelerates the ability of enterprises and government agencies to power the exploding number of cloud applications. Through a secure, operationally simple platform built on Apache Cassandra, DataStax solutions are designed for data distribution across data centers and cloud environments. 

We work with you to assess your requirements and offer a strategic solution tailored to your objectives, including:

  • Data ingestion and value extraction
  • Data repository management
  • Cloud-based Big Data
  • Big Data infrastructure
  • Data discovery and analytics
  • Internet of Things
  • Cognitive analytics
  • Machine learning 

Whether you’re evaluating a cloud-based data management strategy or looking to integrate a distributed database solution into your information architecture, we can help jump start your data evolution.