IBM Watson

Achieve the Art of the Possible with Cognitive Solutions

Successful organizations recognize that information is a strategic asset, capable of strengthening decision making, improving efficiency, reducing risk, and improving customer relationships. With the tremendous surge in the volume and diversity of data, leveraging this information across the entire enterprise is a business imperative that cannot be ignored.

To assist you in successfully harnessing the value of  structured and unstructured data we offer a robust set of services leveraging IBM Watson, a leading cognitive exploration and analysis platform. Watson uses machine learning and natural language processing to answer your most pressing questions, strengthen decision making, scale expertise, uncover key information hidden in unstructured data, and reveal previously undiscovered data patterns and relationships.

Demystifying Watson

As an IBM Watson Beacon Award winner, a Watson Talent Partner, and a multi-year IBM Analytics Partner of Year winner, we are uniquely qualified to help you unlock the potential of cognitive solutions with Watson. We offer a series of entry points to assist you on your cognitive journey:

  • Watson Innovation Lab – Ideate on and discover the possibilities of cognitive analytics and industry applications for your organization.
  • Watson Hackathon – Dive deeper into Watson with a hands-on exploration of Watson’s technical capabilities, designed for developers.
  • Watson Workshop – Rapidly iterate through Watson’s application, define measurable goals for your cognitive analytics implementation, and begin your cognitive journey.

Watson Explorer

Combine search and content analytics with unique cognitive computing capabilities to unleash the power of your unstructured content. We offer a variety of accelerators to jump start your Watson Explorer Advanced Edition implementations.

Watson Developer Cloud

Create powerful applications that leverage Watson technology through a collection of APIs. We have experience with IBM’s comprehensive collection of cognitive services including natural language classification, conversation analysis, speech to text translation, and visual recognition solutions.

Watson Knowledge Studio

Identify entities and relationships in unstructured data through human annotation in a collaborative environment, to quickly create and deploy cognitive applications. Develop a machine learning and/or rule-based model that understands the linguistic nuances, meaning, and relationships specific to your industry. We provide deployment and integration services with these annotators in enterprise implementations.

Watson Analytics

Quickly leverage predictive analytics capabilities and visualize data without the need for IT help. Expanding on our wide array of business intelligence, advanced analytics and visualization expertise, we help with data discovery leveraging Watson Analytics.