Sales Force Automation

Unleash CRM to Increase Productivity and Revenue

Companies that can connect with customers anytime, anywhere are able to close bigger deals faster. Sales Cloud unlocks CRM capabilities on the go and gives you a 360-degree view of your customer, efficiently manages your pipeline and forecasts, addresses complex commission models, facilitates order management, and much more.


A “gold standard” forecasting process gets you accuracy and predictability without slowing down productivity. We extend native Sales Cloud capabilities to streamline forecast submission for sales and increase visibility for management.

Lead and Opportunity Management

Lead management done right delivers ROI for every lead and each lead source. From initial integration with your marketing automation tools to final conversion, we use native workflow and reporting to close the loop and track performance at every step. And while the secret to closing more deals may be different for every business, the need for a solid and repeatable sales model is not. Start with a foundation of easy-to-understand stages and native workflow, then add gamification, social selling, and productivity apps to accelerate your team.

Order Management

Completing the final step of the sales process by fulfilling an order smoothly is often what cements a long-term customer relationship. We make sure your customers are delighted every time with rock-solid order and renewal processes and the right dashboards to monitor performance over the long term.


The secret to smooth, steady growth is scaling your operational processes in advance. Whether it’s ERP integration, commission payment, or invoicing, we build for the future with solutions that are configurable and rely on the backbone of native to handle rapid growth with ease.

Revenue Optimization

Revenue optimization starts with making smarter use of your data. We help you identify and integrate the key data points you need to make smarter decisions and get more inventory into the hands of your target market.

Selling with Partners

A profitable partner program means that management processes and technology are working together to meet business needs and drive success. We know every piece of the puzzle, from adoption strategies to reward mechanisms and engagement techniques.