A Faster, Scalable Solution for Migrating Applications to the Cloud

Industry leaders are seeking faster, more effective, lower risk solutions for migrating applications to the cloud. Our Middleware to Pivotal solution offering effectively eliminates or reduces the middle layer for organizations, which may provide:

  • Elasticity to move between environments easier and faster
  • Upwards of 50% reduction in software expenses
  • Scalability to increase or reduce capacity as needed
  • Up to a 90% increase in frequency of feature releases
  • Zero-to-limited downtime for patching; with a potential for 80% faster patching
  • Accelerated time to value with unique process

Spend Time on High-Value Activities that Drive Your Business

Monolithic applications are forcing software developers to spend as much as 50% of their time wading through many steps to deploy new releases. Pivotal can reduce components in the middle layer and free developers to spend more time developing – and to release new features more frequently.

Why Perficient?

We will lead you through the process of understanding your current total cost of ownership, construct a business case for Pivotal tools, assess your preparedness for the cloud, and develop a strategy to get you there quickly and securely.

In less than a month, we will define your application patterns, build recipes, and move workloads to the platform utilizing any combination of infrastructure, applications, storage, data, analytics, collaboration, and messaging.

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Enhancing the Connected Driver Experience for a Leading Auto Manufacturer

We developed an API-driven, cloud-native platform built on Pivotal Cloud Foundry and implemented a rigorous, test-driven development approach in combination with CI/CD practices to streamline future development.

This resulted in greater flexibility, speed to market, and development effectiveness. It enables multi-channel connected vehicle capabilities and monetization not previously possible and supports global markets with application monitoring.


Improving the Customer Experience for a Leading Financial Services Firm

Our client leveraged multiple systems over time to support its customers. However, these systems were not integrated, and the customer experience suffered.

We updated processes and systems to unify customer contact and product data uniting the customer, contact, and product data sets behind a set of REST APIs. This allows customer care agents to deliver an enhanced customer experience by being able to act upon a more unified view of a customer’s profile. When the legacy support systems are retired, data is configured to be consolidated in the cloud.


Accelerating Benefits Management Innovation for a Leading Healthcare Provider

Our client sought to develop a platform that could drive transformation and innovation, would work on multiple clouds, and that is fast, fault-tolerant, and easy to scale.

We led development of entity-based services around patient, physician, prescriber, member, and other user experiences. We overhauled existing IT systems and implemented Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) and virtualization to enable automation and continuous deployment of entity-based services.

This resulted in increased organizational agility and delivered modern technological platforms, that enhance the ability to process and serve specialty patients and prescriptions through faster development of new applications and services. It also reduced time to deployment of new apps to four hours with the automated pipeline supported through PCF.

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